Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Insignia TV Remote Not Working

If your Insignia TV remote is not working, then you can apply these quick tips to fix the Insignia TV remote before you make the order for a new one.

These quick tips can easily resolve any of the issues that you can face on your Insignia remote. So, without any further time, let’s give these tricks a try, and see whether they can resolve your issue or not.

Steps for Fixing the Insignia TV Remote Not Working

There are various quick tips that you can follow to fix the Insignia TV remote that isn’t working. Below, we have compiled all of these tricks that can resolve the Insignia TV remote not working issue.

Step.1: Power Cycle the Insignia TV Remote

The very first step that you need to do when your Insignia TV remote stops working is to power cycle it. Power cycling or rebooting the remote can fix a lot of the issues.

The process for rebooting the Insignia TV remote is pretty straightforward, you need to open the back lid of the Insignia TV remote, wait for at least 3-5 seconds before putting the cells back into the remote, and check out whether the remote works or not.

Step.2: Reboot the TV

In the very next step, you need to reboot the TV. If there is some sort of issue with the TV software, you need to reboot the TV, as rebooting the TV resolves the cache issue on the TV.

To reboot the TV, you need to take off the wire from the TV when the TV is switched on, wait for at least 20-30 seconds, and then finally you need to put the power cable back into the socket, and you are good to go.

Step.3: Change the Batteries on Your Remote

Oftentimes, the batteries on our TV remotes are dead, which makes them not work. If you haven’t changed the batteries on your TV remote in the near past, then changing the batteries on your TV remote is always a nice idea, and you can revive your TV remote if it is not working due to poor batteries.

Step.4: Checkout the Remote and TV Sensor

In case the sensor on either the TV or the remote is blocked, the TV remote won’t work. Thus, you need to check out whether there is something between the TV remote, and the TV or not. Also, you need to check out the TV remote sensor whether it is dirty or not.

If the sensor on your TV sensor or the remote sensor, either of them is dirty, you need to clean them up, and your TV remote would start working once again.

Step.5: Repair the Remote

Lastly, you can try repairing the remote with the TV, as this step resolved the issue of the remote not working for many people.

There are three different pairing methods on Insignia TV. You can either use the “Pair” button on the remote to pair the TV or use the “Home” button for pairing the TV.

In order to use the “Home Button” for pairing, you need to press and hold the home button on the remote for about 30 seconds until it pairs with the TV.

Lastly, you can also use the three-button combination for pairing the remote. In this method, you need to press back, left, and then menu press for 30 seconds, and your remote would now auto-pair with the TV.

Insignia TV Remote Not Working Except Power Button

If the Insignia TV remote except the power button is not working, then there can be some cache issues with the TV, and you can resolve these issues by rebooting the TV. Apart from rebooting the TV, you can also power cycle the Insignia TV remote, and check out whether it resolves the issue or not.

Moreover, you can also resolve the not pairing issue on the Insignia TV except the remote by repairing the remote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is My Insignia TV Remote Sensor Not Working?

Various reasons can make your Insignia TV remote sensor not work. The Insignia remote TV sensor can have issues due to blockade. If there is something in-between the TV and the remote, it can have not working issues, on the other hand, if the remote sensor on either your TV or the remote is dirty, then also, the sensor on the remote won’t work.

Can We Re-Pair the Insignia TV Remote?

Yes, you can repair the Insignia TV remote. Above, we have compiled a complete step-by-step guide that you can use for repairing your Insignia TV remote.

Can Obstruction Between the TV and the Remote Cause It Not to Work?

Yes, if there is some obstruction between the TV and the remote, it can cause the remote not to work. The reason for it is quite simple, the infrared signals from the remote to the TV get blocked.


Numerous issues can cause your Insignia remote not to work, and in order to resolve the issue, you need to follow a complete step-by-step guide.

In this article, we have compiled different problems which can cause the Insignia TV remote not to work, and the possible solution that you can try to get rid of the issue.

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