What is Roku TV

what is Roku TV

We all are mostly aware of all the new technologies and gadgets in the market, however, some of the really good products go under the radar and escape our attention. One of them is Roku TV.

We all know about smart TVs and the amazing features they offer, whether that is Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. Roku TV is also a kind of smart TV and there’s no such feature that would raise eyebrows but it isn’t getting the hype it deserves.

Hence we came up with this detailed article about the Roku TV, how it works, and its features.

What is a ROKU TV?

Well, ROKU TV is a smart TV platform, just like Android TV, WEB OS, and Tizen OS. ROKU TV offers all the features of conventional TVs. On top of that, ROKU TV also offers numerous other features like streaming channels, ease of use, and amazing UI, which is getting it the popularity it deserves.

Below, we have discussed all the different aspects of ROKU TV in detail. So, you can have more insights into this amazing smart TV platform.


The thing to keep in mind is that the Roku company doesn’t manufacture TVs, the company allows some manufacturers to add the Roku Operating System to varying models. The current manufacturers of Roku TVs are TLC, Phipils, Sharp, Hitachi, JVC, and Hisense. All of them come with the benefits of Roku’s usual streaming players.

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How do Roku TVs Work?

The thing which differentiates Roku TVs from other TVs is that the other TVs need standalone streaming devices to be plugged into. Whereas the Roku TVs don’t require any additional equipment, the Roku TVs are ready for streaming, all they require is a decent WiFi connection.

Connecting Your Roku TVs To Other Devices

The direct-access streaming option can connect to other devices in an effortless manner. You can connect an antenna for accessing free local networks, or use HDMI ports for game consoles, movies, and more. The option of mirroring your smartphone or tablet screens is also available.

Setting up Roku TVs

Setting up a Roku TV is a walk in the park. Once you switch on the TV, you will choose your language, country, and Wi-Fi from the Roku page on the screen. After connecting to the Wi-Fi, you will need to create a Roku account. Following the selection of payment methods in the account, you will be asked to enter the activation code on Roku’s website. As a result, you’re good to go.


A cheap Roku TV would cost you a little over $100, while the expensive models are also available for the variety. Some can cost you as high as $3000. It depends on your requirements though, if you want a small screen with HD playback, the lower-priced option would be perfectly suitable for you. However, if you love a huge TV with 4K capabilities and advanced features, you would have to loosen your pockets a little.

Features Of Roku TVs

Smart Search

The content is spread across thousands of apps on Roku. All you need to do is to enter the name of the actor, the tile, or even the famous dialogue from the movie and the Roku’s universal search function will give you the list of results from every platform that’s available.

Nifty App

Another way to control your TV is to control it from Roku’s mobile app with your voice. In addition to this, the app allows you to quickly look for titles and media from your phone or tablet straight to your TV.

Countless Channels

All of the Roku TVs offer more than 500,000 episodes and movies. While some of the media will need you to subscribe to a paid streaming service, the other can be found for free on channels. If you want to watch free content or subscribe to premium networks, Roku Channel is your go-to place.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There A Monthly Fee For Roku?

There is no paid subscription for Roku, you only need to pay for your device. However, if some content is not available on the Roku, then you would need to add paid channels or subscribe to paid subscriptions.

How Are Roku TVs Different From Smart TVs?

The main thing that differentiates Roku TVs from Smart TVs is that Roku TVs use technology from the streaming media player Roku. Roku issues its streaming technology and the user-friendly operating system to the TV manufacturers mentioned above. The customers really appreciate this offer since they’re getting an internet-connected TV at a lower price.

What Is Roku?

Roku is a manufacturer of streaming devices. Roku enables you to access streaming media content from online services. The first Roku model was introduced in May 2008 after it was developed in collaboration with the American subscription streaming service, Netflix.


Roku TV is a modern, smart TV that isn’t different from the usual smart TVs, but the options it offers make you think that the amount you would spend on any other smart tv, you can spend the same amount on a Roku TV, and that would be a better deal because of the features Roku offers.

You can get all kinds of smart TVs with Roku, whether it’s the huge one with 4K capabilities, or you want a smaller one with the HD screen, the ball is in your court while you’re spoilt for choices.

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