What Is UHD TV

What is UHD TV

The television industry is getting bigger, better, and brighter every day, a new TV is launched in the market almost every alternate day. We’re here to discuss another new invention when it comes to TVs, the UHD TV.

The UHD TV has surprisingly been going under the radar for some time, and the reasons are unknown. The UHD TV offers some scintillating features which are worth having a look at.

Thus, We came up with this detailed article about UHD TV to inform you about the new technology in the market.

What Is UHD TV?

The term ‘’UHD’’ stands for ‘’ultra-high-definition’’, the UHD TV offers two digital video formats, 4K UHD(2160p) and 8K UHD(4320p). The two formats are proposed by Technology laboratory research and identification and approval of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and NHK Science.

UHD offers a higher resolution than HD and the main purpose of the UHD is that even the smallest detail, such as a grain of sugar on the floor, doesn’t go unnoticed. Since the 3840-pixel number is quite close to 4000, the UHD TVs are also known as 4K TVs.

The pixels enable the UHD TV in delivering higher definition images, highlighting every little possible detail on the screen. The 4K UHD TV models will deliver you the detail, 4 times of 1080p full HD. This is handy when it comes to the sharpness of the media as it will maintain the unnoticed fine details.

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Features Of UHD TV


The pixelation effects absolutely do not exist when it comes to the UHD TV. You don’t have to complain or worry about the eye strain or sore eyes anymore. Even if you’re close to the screen, your eyes are protected.


The movements on the screen or during an action thriller are extremely smooth, the transition between the scenes is flawless. You won’t experience any jerks, unnecessary noise on the screen, or, the dots.


The content is expanded to quite some extent, whether you’re going through the TV channels or streaming on Blu-ray. You can also play some of the Hollywood blockbusters in 4K resolution, such as Hobbit.


You really can enjoy your favorite Netflix seasons, movies, documentaries, or anything you want to watch on this TV due to its huge size. You are bound to feel like you’re sitting in the theatre because of the size of the screen.


Since the UHD TV comes with advanced technology that adds colors to the images as well as sharpness, there’s no way it would be cheap. The UHD TV would require you to loosen your pockets and compromise on your budget to a fair extent.

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Are the UHD TVs more expensive than the usual smart TVs?

Yes, they are relatively expensive compared to the usual smart TVs and the reasons for the expensive prices are crystal clear. The advanced features that come with the UHD TVs, such as the screen resolutions, the size of the TV, the smooth transitions between the scenes make the UHD TV quite an expensive product.

Do UHD TVs Require Large Area?

Since the UHD TVs come in a more than decent size, space can be an issue for these TVs more often than not. No doubt the big size enhances your streaming experience and gives you the vibes of a theater, the placement can be an issue since the TV is too large and it requires a reasonably bigger area to accommodate itself.

Can I Buy Outdated UHD TVs?

Buying an outdated UHD TV won’t be the wisest of choices since the outdated UHD TVs lack the latest features which means that you would hardly be able to enjoy the 4K technology. As a result, you might just be throwing your money on a useless UHD TV.


The UHD TV isn’t something worth missing out on due to the latest technologies and the advanced features it has to offer. You are guaranteed to enjoy a relatively new and unforgettable experience due to the 4K resolution.

However, do keep in mind that the UHD TV is more of a want than a need, it costs a fair bit, and you don’t really need to tinker with your budget if you are unable to buy it easily. But, if you got good money, this product is highly recommended.

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