Download Smart YouTube TV for Smart TV Android  V 6.17.730

Download Smart YouTube TV for Smart TV Android 

Tired of commercials interrupting your favorite shows on YouTube? Wish your smart TV’s YouTube app offered more control and customization? Look no further than Smart YouTube TV! This free, open-source app delivers a superior viewing experience for Android TV users, letting you take charge of your YouTube like never before.

Packed with features and free of ads, Smart YouTube TV offers

  • A clutter-free interface: Focus on the videos you love, not unwanted ads.
  • Superior customization: Tailor the app to your preferences with various playback options and background playback.
  • Optimized for your Smart TV: Designed for seamless navigation with your remote control.

Upgrade your YouTube experience today with Smart YouTube TV!


Craving a YouTube experience free from distractions and brimming with customization? Smart YouTube TV for Android TV swoops in as your perfect solution! This free and open-source app transforms how you watch YouTube on your smart TV.

Say goodbye to intrusive ads that disrupt your viewing flow. Smart YouTube TV eliminates them entirely, letting you focus solely on the content you love. But it doesn’t stop there. Dive into a world of customization options, tailoring playback settings and enabling background play to perfectly suit your viewing style.

Optimized for your Smart TV’s interface, Smart YouTube TV ensures smooth navigation using your remote control. No more struggling with a clunky app designed for touchscreens.

Empower your YouTube experience with Smart YouTube TV. Download it today and unlock a world of uninterrupted viewing bliss!

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