How to Display time on Samsung TV

How to Display time on Samsung TV

Ever gotten engrossed in a movie marathon or your favorite TV show, only to lose track of time entirely? Samsung TVs, while offering incredible picture quality and a vast array of entertainment options, don’t have a built-in clock function that constantly displays the time. But fear not, fellow time traveler! There are a couple of ways to quickly check the time on your Samsung TV, ensuring you don’t miss those late-night plans or accidentally burn the midnight oil.

Option 1: The Informative Info Button

This is the simplest and most universally applicable method. The “Info” button, often located near the center of your remote control, acts as a quick information portal. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Press the “Info” button on your remote while you’re watching any content (TV channel, streaming service, etc.).
  2. A translucent information bar will appear on the screen, displaying details about the program you’re watching, including the channel name, program title, and sometimes, the current time.

Important Note: The info bar typically disappears after a few seconds. This means you might need to press the “Info” button repeatedly to catch a glimpse of the time, especially during fast-paced scenes or if you have info delays enabled.

Option 2: External Timekeeping Solutions

While the “Info” button offers a temporary solution, it’s not ideal for constantly monitoring the time. Here are some alternative approaches:

  • Mobile Phone or Smartwatch: In today’s tech-driven world, most of us have our trusty smartphones or smartwatches within arm’s reach. Utilize their built-in clock displays for a quick time check.

  • External Clock: For a more traditional approach, consider placing a small clock near your TV. This provides a constant visual reminder of the time without interrupting your viewing experience.

  • Live TV with Program Guide: If you’re using a cable or satellite connection with a program guide, it often displays the current time alongside the program listings. This can be a handy two-in-one solution, although navigating the program guide might take a few extra clicks.

Beyond Time Display: Optimizing Your Samsung TV Experience

While these methods help you keep track of time, there’s more to explore when it comes to customizing your Samsung TV experience. Here are some additional tips:

  • Smart TV Features: If you have a Samsung Smart TV, explore the settings menu. Some models offer the ability to display a clock on the home screen or even set a sleep timer to automatically turn off the TV after a designated time.

  • Ambient Mode: This innovative feature on select Samsung TVs transforms your TV into a beautiful centerpiece even when it’s turned off. In Ambient Mode settings, you can choose to display information like the current time alongside calming visuals or personal photos.

  • Third-Party Apps: For a truly personalized touch, some Smart TVs allow you to download third-party apps that display clocks or weather information. Explore the app store on your TV to see what options are available.


While Samsung TVs don’t have a built-in clock display, the “Info” button and various alternative solutions ensure you can stay on top of your schedule. Remember, the best method depends on your preferences and viewing habits. So, grab some popcorn, settle in for your favorite show, and keep track of time with these handy tips!

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